About us

Apogee – Climate & Energy Transitions is a program of Earth Tools Inc.

Earth Tools Inc. is a small business in Owen County, Kentucky, that sells and services walk-behind tractors, implements and hand tools to small farmers and gardeners throughout North America. Since its founding in 1998, Earth Tools has been committed to supporting healthy communities and environmental sustainability.

Before Apogee

In 2013, Earth Tools established our Sustainable Systems Program, expanding our services to include solar energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living. The Sustainable Systems Program has helped us make our own operations more sustainable, while also serving customers in central Kentucky. For example, we have combined energy conservation and efficiency measures with solar photovoltaics to meet most of our net annual electricity needs. Following an expansion of our solar PV system in 2020, we expect to reach net-zero electricity.

To learn more about sustainability at Earth Tools, visit here.

A Mission-Driven Business

At Earth Tools, we believe in using our gifts to work for a better world. Our business serves our values and we support projects and organizations working for environmental protection and ecological restoration, healthy communities, and sustainability. We recognize the urgency of the climate crisis; that our local and global communities, along with the natural world and the diversity of life, are all threatened by climate change. We recognize the need to rapidly transition our economy away from fossil fuels.

Founding Apogee

In 2020, we established Apogee to focus on this critical societal need and the opportunities that accompany the energy transition. Apogee is committed to working in the public interest and for the common good. All revenue earned by Apogee is used to support our mission, which is to advance the transition to 100% clean renewable energy and solutions to the climate crisis. We do this through technical assistance, education, policy research, and advocacy in collaboration with a wide range of partners.

apogee [ a – poh – jee ]
  1. the point in the path of an object orbiting the Earth that is at its greatest distance from the Earth.
  2. the farthest or highest point, apex.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned that limiting global warming to 1.5° C is critical if we are to minimize the catastrophic effects of climate change. To achieve this, global carbon emissions must peak and begin a rapid decline before the end of this decade, ultimately reaching zero net emissions by mid-century. The apogee of our carbon emissions must be reached within the next decade.

*See Global Warming of 1.5° C: A Special Report, 2018, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change*