Apogee provides technical assistance, education, policy research, and advocacy to advance the energy transition and solutions to the climate crisis.

New Report

Local Solar, Local Savings: How to Cut Electricity Costs in Half for Public Schools and Local Governments in Frankfort, Kentucky

A 20 Megawatt, 150 acre local solar project could cut electricity costs in half for Frankfort and Franklin County local governments and public schools, saving a combined $1.2 million annually for local taxpayers while supplying 100% of their annual electricity needs, according to a new report from Apogee-Climate & Energy Transitions.

To see the full report visit our Policy Research & Advocacy page.

Technical Assistance

Consulting services for solar energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Educational Outreach

Educating communities about clean energy, the Energy Transition, and confronting the climate crisis.

Policy Research & Advocacy

Working for policies and programs at the State, local, and utility level to advance clean energy.

We are at a critical time in our struggle to restrain climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that global greenhouse gas emissions must peak and begin a rapid decline before the end of this decade. The challenge is immense but we have the tools needed to confront it.

Apogee helps people to understand their options for reducing their energy use, carbon emissions, and environmental impacts, and connects them with the people and resources they need to meet their goals.